About Us

“Thalassophile: a person who loves sea, oceans.”

We understand the feeling of experiencing something for the first time, and knowing that from that moment on, your world would never be the same again. That was what the underwater world did to us. It lured us into its depths, surrounded us with the beauty of creation and carved itself into our hearts. And that is why we do what we do.



Learn Scuba Diving, but Safety First

Learn Scuba Diving in Malaysia! Our safety-first approach to teaching scuba diving ensures that all students get to enjoy the underwater world, safely. Once you know and practice all scuba diving safety measures, you will realise the underwater world ain't that scary after all. (Sharks are not that scary, really)


Get the best diving equipment for a comfortable dive

Our scuba dive shop is located at Kuchai Lama, Malaysia, we also deliver scuba gears all across Malaysia! Yes, you can always rent them, but it's more costly in the long run, and not THAT comfortable. For example, getting a mask that is fitting to your face prevents seawater from getting into your eyes. If you are new to diving, here are the 3 most essential diving equipment:




We are always on the lookout for dive equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Please write to us at inquiry@thedivejunkie.com , our team member will respond to you as soon as possible.